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The Freelance Bureau combines the talents of two veteran writers and content creators, LuAnn LaSalle and Peter Boisseau. Trust our skills and experience, and a demonstrated track record of success.

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OpEds, speech writing, media-ready features and profiles, podcasts and documentaries, reports and briefs, white papers, ebooks, landing pages, newsletters, emails, content for reputation management, blogs and marketing collaterals.

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Proofreading tip: Because our brains look for patterns and often "fill in the blanks" when absorbing content or information, try starting your edit from the end of the page and scanning backward, one word at a time, to catch any dropped words or other errors you might miss if you were simply reading for comprehension. For more, see our LinkedIn page for The Freelance Bureau 

LuAnn LaSalle is a writer, content creator and former journalist. She has worked at The Canadian Press in Winnipeg, Toronto, Quebec City and Montreal and has covered news, business and politics. LuAnn also has worked at Bell Canada in corporate communications and at BDC in marketing and communications. She has always wanted to be an entrepreneur and working at BDC inspired her to start a business.

Peter Boisseau is an award-winning journalist, writer and media consultant, and the founder of The Freelance Bureau editorial services. A former CBC radio broadcaster and producer, Canadian Press reporter and editor, and Reuters Journalism Fellow at the University of Oxford, Peter combines an extensive background in journalism and public relations with an exceptional ability to create engaging stories in a wide variety of styles and voices.