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Matte Articles -- Sometimes also known as “mat releases,” these media-friendly articles written in a journalistic style resonate with broad audiences and pique media interest by helping journalists spot stories their audiences will like, regardless of their own knowledge or expertise about the subject. See What's the Story?

Photography -- Online content that is accompanied with at least one image, no matter what form that image takes, is 80 per cent more likely to be shared.

Print/Audio/Video -- A written script or story is a great template for audio, video and online content that amplifies your audience reach across multiple mediums and platforms.

Ghostwriting -- We have more than 20 years of experience crafting OpEds, opinion pieces, speeches, reports, media materials and speaking points, tailored to echo your authentic style. Become recognized as a thought leader by harnessing the power of authentic storytelling.

Website audits -- We recently audited a website that misspelled their company president's name in a banner headline. Another site boasted about their professional editing services but their landing page was full of grammatical errors. Those are worst case examples, but broken links and poor navigation that is incompatible with mobile devices can be just as harmful to your credibility and visitor traffic. With average attention spans shrinking to mere seconds, first impressions are more important than ever.

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Peter Boisseau is an award-winning journalist, writer and media consultant, and the founder of The Freelance Bureau editorial services. A former CBC radio broadcaster and producer, Canadian Press reporter and editor, and Reuters Journalism Fellow at the University of Oxford, Peter combines an extensive background in journalism and public relations with an exceptional ability to create engaging stories in a wide variety of styles and voices.

What clients say

Peter has been my “go to” freelance writer for the past three years. He has tackled assignments ranging from light features and profiles to articles about complex scientific research.

Peter always finds a creative hook to enliven even the most seemingly mundane topic and skillfully enables lay readers to understand difficult academic scholarship.

Peter’s assignments for us require that he interview a wide variety of people – undergraduate and graduate students, alumni, eminent scholars and scientists, as well as administrators at all levels. He manages these sensitive relationships superbly: people enjoy talking to him and trust him to tell their stories.

Finally, Peter is a professional. I never need to worry about him showing up late or unprepared for an interview. He has never missed a deadline, provides contact information for all subjects he interviews in case we need to do any additional fact-checking, his invoices are clear, on time and accurate.

He is talented and a complete pleasure to work with.

Kim Luke
Director of Communications (Feb 1997 - December 2017)
Faculty of Arts & Science, University of Toronto

Peter is a consummate professional—truly a great writer, with a particular expertise in synthesizing highly complex topics into compelling copy and flowing text.

He is a pleasure to work with, open to collaborative editorial feedback and respectful of our deadlines. We

have full confidence in him and his work dealing with our varied and important stakeholders.

I have commissioned Peter on a number of occasions to cover legal conferences and panels with minimal
supervision, and have no hesitation to recommend him for writing work. He is definitely at the very top of

our freelance editorial list.

Lucianna Ciccocioppo Director, External Relations / Executive Editor, Nexus

Peter is an extremely creative and entertaining writer. He has strong journalism skills and works very well in a team environment.

Dan Slovitt, Manager of Logistics, The Canadian Press (ret.)

Peter is a great team leader and mentor for young professionals. He is a strong writer with a clear vision and a keen understanding of effective communications.

Bruce Malloch, Director, Strategic Communications at Toronto Public Housing Corporation

Peter is a strong writer who takes a journalist's approach to crafting a story. I retained Peter to write a series of "matte articles" when I was Chief of Communications at Bridgepoint Health.

His task was to draft compelling, fact-based stories that included a discreet pitch about Bridgepoint's expertise and leadership in the area.

With minimal direction, he did the research and drafted several excellent stories.

Jocelyn Brodie, Principal at Brodie and Co.