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Engaging stories are populated by genuine characters, relatable themes and real-world context. They are a pleasure to consume and easy to digest. And they are definitely not a product of the “eat-your-broccoli” or “phoney-baloney” schools of storytelling. Read More

"A" is for asexual

Sex does not please me in a physically satiating way. But I am emotionally pleased to please my partner and to be intimate with them because I know that for them this solidifies our bond. READ MORE

Narrative therapy and the power of storytelling

Infographic reprinted with permission of Mood Mend

Narrative Therapy is like Art Therapy but with words. The focus is on the manner in which individuals construct meaning, rather than the way they behave. In philosophy and in neuroscience, the “I”/eye or the mind is what they call “the narrative centre of self.” Your mind is constantly generating the story of who you are to yourself and to others. Read more

The nature of storytelling

Photo of Andy Goodman courtesy of the Nature Conservancy of Canada

Our technology may have evolved, but people have been telling stories for thousands of years, and the nature of good storytelling has not changed. Read more